Shipping Information



During the months of May - October, we do not recommend shipping our chocolates due to the warmer temperatures. Our chocolates begin to get soft at 70 degrees, increasing the likelihood of it melting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the store.

If your destination is further than 2 days according to the map above, then please call for a shipping price as the below rates may not be correct.

Hawaii and Alaska Shipping Notice

If you are having items shipped to Hawaii or Alaska, please call the store to get the shipping price.

We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.


Spring and Summer Rates

These rates include a Styrofoam container and reusable cooley packs.

Up to 01 lb: $15.50
Up to 02 lb: $15.80
Up to 03 lb: $19.95
Up to 04 lb: $20.25
Up to 05 lb: $20.50
Up to 06 lb: $20.90
Up to 07 lb: $21.75
Up to 08 lb: $22.10
Up to 09 lb: $22.45
Up to 10 lb: $22.75
Up to 11 lb: $23.15
Up to 12 lb: $23.60